Task Horizon – is an internationally acclaimed drum & bass act hailing from Switzerland. Despite having released seminal material on some of the finest labels over the years, they set up Evolution Chamber Recordings, which provides an independent platform for their music.

"Mad scientist producer/DJ meets (equally mad) music professor. Add two sound technicians and a renowned artist and label manager ...and the rest is history."

This would be the most accurate way to describe (in a nutshell) one of the most successful drum & bass acts ever to come out of rugged and rustic little Switzerland. Ever since striking out a decade ago on a rebellious path defined by uncompromising quality, artistic integrity and stylistic freedom, their covert sonic guerilla tactics orchestrated from within the remote alpine heartland have consistently placed them on the favourites lists of key players throughout the scene.



    Disintegrate [Hack the Planet EP]

    Task Horizon return with yet another selection which proves why they are such a defining force of the underworld dancefloor drum & bass genre. Their selection of perfectly refined, yet destructive bass music caught worldwide attention on labels such as Ram Records and Eatbrain, with the Switzerland based project drawing inspiration from their local scene and then injecting this through the global clubbing circuit. This continues into the present day, where their newly launched Evolution Chamber imprint will see the next part of their journey revealed. And this begins with their ‘Hack the Planet’ EP, with its first chapter ‘Disintegrate’ being unleashed inside 2020 and welcoming a new era for the production outfit.

    After already turning the next page for Evolution Chamber through its release of Magnetude’s ‘Mantis’, ‘Disintegrate’ continues these ridiculous standards into the New Year. Whilst Task Horizon’s sounds are well-known for being intricately layered, their tear-out prowess is given a new groove through ‘Disintegrate’. Each elongated bass note takes you deep into the track’s story and it’s a world which is also created through the track’s artwork. It’s easy to get lost in both the digital and musical part of this forthcoming release, something which Task Horizon have ensured with their sci-fi inspired soundscape.

    Evolution Chamber is a new meeting of minds, one spearheaded by Task Horizon, Magnetude and Receptor, with each party ready to provide even more music for 2020. Evolution Chamber is set to grow at an astronomical rate, one pushed forward by their commitment to independence and artists supporting one another. ‘Disintegrate’ underpins the talent that breaks through under this ethos.

    Badline (RAM Records)

    A yearly tradition, the Ram Records annual is set to drop at the end of another massive year for the imprint. For nearly three decades the label has stood ahead of the game and this has been marked by an incredible back catalogue of music. The 2020 annual is just another example of this fact and it features a host of exclusives, from both signed artists and frequent Ram guests, who explore the sounds which have marked the last twelve months of its journey. With stand-out singles from the likes of Culture Shock, Skantia and more of the Ram Records roster, there’s also a plethora of brand-new music about to drop with the full package.

    Russian project Razlom, comprising of producers Nouwa & Encode, alongside Task Horizon, Akov, Fascad and Aperio present a collection of new talent which debuts on the imprint for their forthcoming compilation LP. Then Need for Mirrors offers a rework of his esteemed track ‘Arp Tune’ in the form of a VIP, whilst Smooth returns to Ram Records once again with his delivery ‘My Life’. And that’s just the beginning; the album is jam packed full of exclusives, one of their biggest collections to date. It also signifies just how big 2020 is slated to be for the label, adding to an already decorated history.

    Thought Crime & Adaptation (Trendkill Records)

    Their forthcoming single Thought Crime and Adaption is no different and Task Horizon join the Trendkill army for the first time with this release. It’s easy to see how Task Horizon are so highly regarded across drum & bass, with both it’s A-side and reverse providing an insight into how the producers have graced the back catalogues of labels such as Eatbrain, Cause4Concern and their own imprint Evolution Chamber.

    Thought Crime is the first of two tracks, beginning the single with a cutthroat expedition of the monikers which Task Horizon have perfected. Winding up on quickly flitting note arpeggios and straying hi hats, a final tapped introduction pulls you into its first explosive drop. With each drum pad building then slowly distorting until they begin to break, Task Horizon let you know their conjoined might on this heavyweight track.

    Adaptation is the reverse and it furthers the assault, cutting through with the type of sonics which have become an enviable part of Task Horizon’s arsenal. With clashing metallics and an air siren like distortion of bass, Adaption once again comes at you with its teeth bared. Following from their exclusive on the 20 Years of Cause4Concern LP and their Interlinked EP on Eatbrain, their debut on Trendkill gets the momentum moving for the projects they have in store throughout the latter part of 2019.

    Interlinked EP (EATBRAIN)

    Task Horizon return to Eatbrain with the four track Interlinked EP, furthering their hi-tech drum & bass sound following the release of the Overclocking Reality EP on the label in February of 2018. The titular Interlinked leaps almost immediately into overdrive, surging forth from the gate with razor sharp basses and speeding percussion. Featured next is the Immortality Protocol VIP, a reworking of their previous collaboration with Magnetude that maintains the original’s cinematic atmosphere whilst warping its bassline into a sinister & swarming sonic texture. Tacerface’s shocking syncopated rhythms impact with unparalleled power through their expression via devastatingly weaponised percussive elements. Closing the EP is Technosh!t, which moves with steady pace as shimmering melodics float atop its motive beat. With Interlinked, Task Horizon once more display the unique synthesis of skill borne of their four-part collaborative effort, displaying their tech-fuelled sound with continued devotion.

    Nostromo & Hyperion (Evolution Chamber)

    Their latest offering, Nostromo & Hyperion, further forges their path towards technically flawless, evocative drum & bass. A-side Nostromo highlights the groups' prolific sound design, delving deep into the sci-fi world of neuro and writing a story all their own. High energy and high octane, the atmosphere is simultaneously eerie and breathtaking, and the production even more so. The track evolves over time, with new elements constantly being added without ever losing the overarching story. A true testament to their combined skills as producers. The other side of the single is Hyperion, delivering a much more ominous intro, with haunting melodies that whisper over a much starker drumbeat. The track has a subtle 80s flair coming from some of the samples used, and carries a unique groove that can be hard to find in neuro. A style Task Horizon have truly mastered.

    Overclocking Reality EP (EATBRAIN)

    Task Horizon’s hiatus was a mystery felt throughout the world of drum & bass secluded within the mountains of Switzerland, their scrupulously engineered cuts once littered the sets artists across the genre’s spectrum. And for the New Year, they’ve delivered a five track EP of standalone tracks and collaborations for Eatbrain, a label who’ve taken dominion over the underground’s most vital corners.

    The foursome are about to unleash their technically orchestrated Overclocking Reality package onto the masses. Its title-track rolls out with a deceptive intro, one which begins to swell amongst rolling drums pads and ethereal synths. Up next comes a collaboration with German stalwarts Neonlight, delivering a melting pot of stellar musical aptitudes. Enigma Machine is fast paced, unforgiving and oozes with menace, whilst featuring orchestral undertones that nod to the expert musicality of both production groups. Magnetude also jump on board for Immortality Protocol, another sci-fi inspired record pumping with extra terrestrial samples and metallic percussion. Next up, M-920 Cain crashes forward with hollowed kicks and robotic vocal snippets, a dancefloor-lead anthem which is chaotic in its detonation. And finally, your aural synapses are snared by finishing track Flight Simulator. Each electronically keyed note and rattling hi-hat leaves you mercilessly submerged, before the record breaks down into growling bass riddims and fluctuating distortion. Task Horizon has resurfaced and with the platform of a formidable imprint. Beside Eatbrain, they’re marked to once again inject their vision into the DNA of drum & bass.

    Forbidden Planet & Rogue Transmission (Evolution Chamber)

    It’s the welcome return of Task Horizon, long hailed for their ability to drop deadly tech-driven thrillers on the dancefloor worldwide. Like renegade rebels on a distant moon who have been sharpening their skills and preparing their plan of attack, Task Horizon come roaring out of the shadows not only with fresh tunes and a reinvigorated energy but with a relaunch of their Evolution Chamber imprint. Having transformed from a Swiss duo into a quartet, the heavyweight sound of Task Horizon seems to have taken an anabolic boost as well.

    Take the sci-fi driven Rogue Transmission that blazes its way through the outer reaches of the universe, expertly piloting the listener through the jagged edges of an ever-evolving soundscape. Still, it’s the bit we’re premiering below, Forbidden Planet, that showcases all that the crew is bringing to the table. An epic cinematic intro paves the way for a brain-rattling drop that serves as a kind of primal call to arms. The filthy wall of synth-bass brings on the alien shivers before a stepping beat extends the breakdown to the point of no return. Just when you think the tension can’t hold, Task Horizon hit the switch and let the beat proper comes crushing in.



    Contact Task Horizon Management

    About Task Horizon

    Since the beginning, Aaron von Schroeder, Jean-Michel Thomet, Florian Sutter and Tim Kleinert have been heavily influenced by the primordial, pounding sonics of drum & bass. Born in Switzerland, and known by their stage name Task Horizon, they drew on the long, dark winter months to help craft their music in sonic solitude. Against this backdrop, they’ve seen their reputation steadily grow, moving, with each technologically unsurpassed record they’ve released, from strength to strength.

    The four artists’ individual journeys began at a young age. Aaron was introduced to the early electronic music of the legendary figureheads Klaus Schulze and Jean-Michel Jarre. Aaron’s passion for electronic music was nurtured throughout his teenage years, when he was introduced to the 174bpm genre. Hooked instantly by its energy and mood, this newly found art-form became the pivotal point of his entire life. He’d go on to buy a pair of turntables at age 20, becoming a regular buyer of records, always scouring through collections to find the most contemporary sounds and was enlisted at the School of Audio Engineering in Zurich. Aaron set up his own recording studio in the bohemian setting of an abandoned and dilapidated factory plant nestled in the outskirts of Zurich. He then found companionship in Tim, a jazz piano player and music teacher at Zurich’s University of the Arts, who was also working out of the same setting. Tim could play his first chord at the tender age of 4, and it was from then on that he began his obsession with music. The factory is where Tim stationed his personal practice room and during his breaks, he’d comb through Aaron’s most recent productions. From here, their relationship blossomed. The unique encounters of a ‘mad scientist’ producer, an (equally mad) synthesizer virtuoso resulted in a merging of talents giving rise to a hard-hitting musical concoction and Task Horizon was born. Their unrivalled imagination and the combination of their forward-thinking production saw them sign a debut release on ‘Sudden Def’ in 2004. ‘Monkey Mash’ and ‘Guardian’ was their first single, piquing curiosity around the duo and showcasing their enviable production standards. This then lead them to a collaboration with Pedro Rodrigues, creating dancefloor anthem ‘Kill the Pain’. Released on the infamous C4C imprint, a pillar for underground drum & bass, their distinctive sound attracted many of the scene’s biggest players.

    Florian began his career with drum & bass in 2014, after mastering the djembe (African drum) in his early years and spending his time poring over a vast range of musical instruments. Having worked as a light technician in some of Zurich’s most revered venues, as well as touring extensively with a punk rock band as a sound engineer, he’d always been deeply entrenched within the live circuit. Florian joined Aaron and Tim soon after and the duo became a trio.

    Finally, Jean-Michel, who also works as a certified audio technician, both, on professional film sets and teaching location sound at the School of Audio Engineering in Zurich, joined Task Horizon in 2015. His wide musical taste, ranging from Audio Machine to the hard-hitting sound of Kill The Noise, is reflected in his music, and works its way directly into Task Horizon’s output. Together, their formidable team have been proved to be unshakeable.

    Also releasing on DCSI4, Forbidden Society, Dissected Culture, Mainframe and Fokuz Recordings, Task Horizon have become a heavyweight part of the drum & bass back catalogue. Being on rotation across the radio airwaves, Task Horizon were quickly solidified as a force to be reckoned with. As well as their ‘Body Tetris’ release on Blackout Music in 2016, they’ve also released on their own imprint Evolution Chamber. Formed as a creative outlet without restrictions, they dropped a string of critically acclaimed records. 2017 saw the relaunch of Evolution Chamber, after the label took a brief hiatus which allowed the group to tour extensively. Performing globally, including DJ sets across the Atlantic on their North and South American tours, they’ve taken their music to the world’s every corner. Alongside a host of overwhelming A-list DJ support from the likes of Andy C, Friction, Noisia, Audio, and more, they pioneer a musical ability seldom seen. Their ascent looks to climb even higher for 2018... Already being held in such high esteem, this year Task Horizon are looking to hit legendary status.

    Administrative Contact

    Jean-Michel Thomet
    Riedstrasse 3
    6330 Cham, Switzerland
    Mobile: +41 79 956 80 20
    Email: mail@taskhorizon.audio

    Programming and Hosting

    Devicenull Development
    Oliver Cermann
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    Email: oliver.cermann@devicenull.de

    Graphic Design

    Gregor Szabo
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    Email: gregors@ggaweb.ch


    David Oesch
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